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Marketing mini-series Part 2: The benefits of content marketing

Just because other companies are deploying content marketing strategies, doesn’t necessarily mean you should invest the time and resources into developing your own strategy. However, what should convince you to dive into content marketing are the proven benefits that make it one of the most practical, valuable and useful marketing strategies you can adopt. According to the Content Marketing in Australia 2016:…

Hitting a home run when pitching to media

There’s a definite art to pitching a story to journalists, but it’s not as complex as you might think. However, you do only get one shot to get your story across the line so you need to make it count. The reality is journalists are incredibly time poor, up against numerous deadlines and have endless stories pitched to them on a daily basis….

Marketing mini-series Part 1: What is content marketing?

Leading international and Australian Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies are increasingly turning to content marketing to raise brand awareness and shape stakeholder behaviour. Over the next few weeks, BBS will present a series on content marketing to help you unlock the secrets that can separate your business from others.

The Art of Talking Heads

Expert sources have always played an important role in the media, providing the knowledge and insight necessary to inform and address all angles of a story. But what is it that defines an expert or thought leader in the media’s eyes and what do they want most from them? The 2016 BBS Media Survey reached out to journalists across the country to…