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Made to measure: Evaluating earned media

Whether it’s used to drive brand awareness, influence commentary or spur sales, earned media can be a powerful tool to drive business growth. However, measuring the value and contribution of earned media, or ‘publicity’ or ‘media coverage’ as some like to term it, is often seen as a challenge to organisations.

Hitting the G (Google) Spot

With Google monopolising the search engine market, the fight to be on the first page of a search is critical to a business’ visibility. As the saying goes, “the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of a Google search.”

From festive cheer to networking next year

As we’ve officially entered the final three months of the year, our inboxes will soon fill up with celebratory, end-of-year function invitations. There’s always the temptation to let the holiday vibe get the better of you and let the cocktails keep rolling; after all, it’s been a long, hard year and you deserve to unwind. Although it’s important to enjoy yourself, it’s…

Activating the power of influence

You’ve probably heard the term influencer marketing thrown around more and more often as it’s become increasingly popular with big brands and their marketing strategies. But what is it and how do we leverage it within our own marketing mixes? Influencer marketing involves leveraging well known social influencers to deliver a message to key stakeholders. It typically goes hand-in-hand with social media…