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When the Going Gets Tough…

In the words of the Billy Ocean song, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. That’s exactly what businesses all across Australia are doing right now as they as they dig deep to find sustainability and profitability in an environment of economic and social upheaval. These are tough times to be sure and people are finding creative ways to respond to constantly changing business conditions.

But what of the future? There will surely be a time when we can move beyond the crisis phase of COVID-19. What then?

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Communicating change: this time it’s personal

Managing organisational change continues to be one of the biggest challenges for any business, with ineffective communication often named as a contributing factor to change ‘failure’.

The 2018 Australian Public Service employee census revealed that only 38 percent of respondents agreed that change is managed well in their agency. Importantly however, of the staff who believed change is managed well, 80 percent agreed their organisation’s internal communication is effective, clearly highlighting the importance of effective communication during change.

So why can it go so wrong, so often?

Staff are not a single entity, they are individuals, and the success of any change process relies heavily on each person’s capacity for change. You can change systems and processes, restructure and redesign jobs, but a failure to consider the human element can make for a bumpy ride.

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Social media strategy: who, what, and more importantly, why?

Social media has become an essential tool for every business. No matter what you are offering or audience, the lack of a social media presence can seriously hamper your ability to connect with your customers or stakeholders.

Driven by the need for a comprehensive digital footprint, many businesses attempt to build and maintain a social media presence with regular content delivered across platforms. But this can be a time consuming and costly exercise – leading to low levels of activity and engagement as it moves further down the priority list. Before diving in, it’s important to devise a comprehensive social media strategy that identifies your target audience, your messaging and how these align with your overall marketing strategy. Too many businesses spend time and money building and maintaining accounts that don’t reach the right audiences or contribute to their marketing goals.

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Making sure your sponsorship makes sense for your brand

Businesses can use effective sponsorships to add credibility to their brands, get in front of the right people and even improve their corporate social responsibility credentials. While, at its core, it is an exchange of money for services, a sponsorship can be so much more. More than a logo on an invitation or a branded banner at an event, it provides business access, connections, resource support, credibility, audience access, data, and helps to share public perception of your brand in a way that can be hard to achieve through internal marketing efforts alone.

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What’s in a slogan? – the dos and don’ts of company taglines

Think Different – a bad use of grammar, and perhaps the most effective slogan of the 21st century. Apple, on the back of innovative products, exceptional marketing and this simple, two-word slogan, has become one of the most valuable companies in the world with legions of devoted customers. But what is it that separates a good slogan from a meaningless tagline? And can a memorable slogan really make that much of a difference to a business’s success?

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