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Customers have a stake in your change process too

Change happens. And this year the pace of change hit warp speed. If anything, change has been our one constant.

Sooner or later most businesses identify a need for change which can come in many forms – mergers, rebrands, new (or discontinued) products or services, technology, or changes to leadership.

Businesses often make the mistake of being inwardly focused when it comes to navigating change, mistakenly thinking change management applies only to the business internally.

Your customers and clients however may take a very different view.

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The power of PR in the changing media landscape

If there was one word to describe 2020, it would have to be pivot – the extremely overused buzzword that many of us have used as a crutch to navigate these unchartered waters. With marketing budgets tightening in the face of tough economic times and Australia’s print media landscape continuing to change – read: shrink – it can be difficult to see how PR can continue to pivot and thrive in a world with fewer journalists and closing mastheads.

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Communicating a ‘new normal’

Working from home, virtual meetings and social isolation. Restructures, job losses, and salary cuts. This year arrived and upended the furniture more than we could ever imagine, let alone prepare for.

As we continue to roll with the COVID punches, we are experiencing significant change across every sector. Managing organisational change is one of the biggest challenges a business will face, with poor communication often given as a reason for change ‘failure’. And when change is forced upon us or occurs during uncertainty, it is an even more perilous path.

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Don’t cut down on marketing – just be smarter about it

We’re all in this together.

It’s the tagline, hashtag, mantra of the current coronavirus pandemic. And while it’s heartwarming and encouraging, it could also be a trap for complacency and business failure.

Relying on others to help bring you along and out of this global ‘depression’ we’ve found ourselves in could be extremely detrimental to your business success. While we want to support our fellow business men and women and strive for a better outcome together, we also need to keep a keen eye on our own goals and objectives to ensure we come out the other side.

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Refreshing your story

There’s no doubt the effects of COVID-19 have been far-reaching and devastating for many across the globe. While in Australia we seem to be travelling on a promising trajectory to ‘flatten the curve’, business leaders and economists remain concerned about the lasting impact this health crisis will have on the Australian and global economy.

With more than 80% of Australian businesses expecting to be adversely affected by the pandemic[1] in some way, shape or form, it is no surprise our economy is tipped to be markedly changed after this world-wide event.

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