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When silence isn’t golden: the art of internal communications

by Rachael Maundrell

The State of the Global Workplace – a worldwide survey conducted found only 13% of employees were engaged at work.  That’s right, only one-in-eight employees across the globe are committed to their jobs and making positive contributions to their organisation. A staggering 63% indicated they were “not engaged” and 24% sat in the “actively disengaged” bracket.

Problematic? We think so. The question is; how do managers actively re-engage those who have mentally checked out? Read More

When it’s time for good vibrations at the work stations, it’s time for ‘authentic leadership’

leadership_B&Wby Lisa Nixon

There’s leadership and then there’s authentic leadership. In theory, there may not be much to set them apart, but in practice there is a world of difference.

As those of us in business continue to face challenging times testing our relationships with clients, suppliers and our staff, conversations about leadership and culture are as valuable as those about productivity and cost efficiency. Read More

25 YEARS in & looking forward

by Jane Edwards, Chairman and Chief Executive of BBS Communications Group

I love going to work at BBS every day. The vitality and camaraderie of our staff and the daily challenge of achieving results for our clients never fails to give me a lift. They say, ‘do what you love and you will never work a day in your life’. Well, that summarises my feelings about working at BBS, the communications consultancy I established in Brisbane a quarter of a century ago. Read More

Helping a blogger out

by Amanda Robson

Bloggers are playing an increasingly important role in the media landscape, connecting with readers and creating conversations on a variety of topics.

Now in its third year, the 2013 BBS Blogger Survey involved more than 80 bloggers from across the country and various genres, sharing key insights about their motivations, challenges and goals, as well as levels of engagement with businesses and public relations professionals.

One of the key findings from this year’s report was that bloggers are looking to build mutually-beneficial relationships with brands and PR practitioners. In fact, bloggers nominated the below as the top three ways PRs and brands could better assist them: Read More

The death of the Town Hall free-for-all

open house_B&Wby Dan Pollard

“Let’s hold a meeting!”

There was once a time when that was the automatic response to a community issue. The government – or whoever had upset everyone – would hire out the biggest hall they could find. Chairs would be set up and a large – usually unruly – crowd would file in and fill them.

One unfortunate individual would cop the job of standing out front trying to explain, justify or beg forgiveness for whatever had everyone worked up. Mostly he or she would just get shouted at a lot. Read More