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KISS your presentation: Keep it simple for impactful presentations

We’ve all been to a presentation that’s been a flop. A speech that was too quiet, or poorly articulated, a deluge of jargon, or a ‘style-over-substance’ bore. Delivering quality presentations is important, with a survey by Prezi of American workers finding 70% of people think presentations are important to their career success.

But what’s the best way to avoid making the sort of mistakes that send your audience into a slumber, or worse have them talking down your performance after they’ve left the room?

The answer may lie in that age-old adage – ‘Keep it Simple Stupid’. By KISSing your presentation, you can avoid some classic presentation mistakes – too confusing, too many slides, too many bells and whistles and, too boring. Read More

ANZAC Day: Communicating experiences across generations

Each year, on the 25th of April, Australia pauses to remember the sacrifices of our service men and women in war and peacetime. This momentous day evokes the enduring mythology of the first ANZACs, those hardy diggers pinned under machine gun fire on a beach in Turkey, thousands of kilometers from their homes and their families. But just what is it that makes this story so powerful and enduring? And what can learn from the ANZAC story about the challenges of communicating across generations?

It has been more than 100 years since the ANZACs landed at Gallipoli, and during that time many more Australians have fought and died in war. How do we, our governments, our schools, our communities, continue to communicate the horrors of war to generations so divorced from the events of the First World War? Read More

That’s not news! Telling the difference between news and advertising

Today’s overwhelmingly online communication environment presents society with many challenges, not the least of which is determining what is genuine news, in the true sense of the word. In a time when the self-publishing of content by both organisations and individuals is simple and prolific, there has emerged a real challenge to achieve understanding about what constitutes real news, ie that which will be of interest to professional news organisations and of value to their audiences. Read More

‘The boys gave 110%’: Media lessons from the NRL

As the rugby league season commences for another year, the viewing public can look forward to several months of insightful commentary from the NRL’s biggest stars. Players will surely dig out some of their most nuanced analysis; with quips like: “At the end of the day the team with more points ended up winning”, “I give full credit to the boys” and “We all gave 110%”.

While it’s fun for some perhaps to mock the less media-savvy players each season, anyone who wants, or is required, to speak to media (particularly those who have to give television or radio interviews), can learn a number of important lessons from these muscle-bound media darlings. Read More

Talking to people 101

While we are undoubtedly living in an age of digital hyper-connectivity, many business agents forget the real-world importance of interfacing directly with other human beings. Or, to put this in layman’s terms, talking to people.

From professional communication and business development to non-commercial interaction, the role of direct human to human (H2H) interactivity cannot be understated. Direct H2H comms can enrich your business relationships, leveraging your digital strategy to deliver durable connections through the heightened connectivity only H2H can offer. Read More