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A little bird told me: the federal election on Twitter

by Frances Manfield

US President Barack Obama has more than 35 million followers on Twitter and the social media skill of his campaign team is credited with winning Obama his second term in the White House.

In comparison, Australia’s politicians have been late adopters of social media platforms in general and are still yet to fully take advantage of the benefits and capacity Twitter has to mobilise a population. Read More

Do you have social media FOMO?

by Louise McGill

Do you get edgy when you see your competitors updating their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts each morning? Do you break into a sweat every time someone asks why your company doesn’t have accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ AND Foursquare? Following these questions, do you immediately jump online and sign up for every social media page imaginable? Read More

The window to your organisation

by Ashleigh Stallard

The importance of keeping your website focused

More often than not, your website is the ‘face’ of your organisation.

It is the first port of call for prospective clients and customers, and like it or not, is often what people use to judge an organisation. Read More

What organisations can learn from Eurovision

by Matthew Hart

Think Eurovision, Europe’s annual song contest, and you’re probably thinking sequins, white suits and some questionable songs.

But interestingly, the Eurovision Song Contest represents one of the world’s most popular and longest-running internal engagement activities. Read More

You’ve joined LinkedIn… so now what?

by Amanda Robson

So, you’ve made the digital leap onto LinkedIn. You’ve filled out your profile, updated your experience and added quite a few connections. Now what?

With more Australians than ever joining the online professional networking platform, LinkedIn is proving to be much more than just an electronic CV archive. Read More