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Taking the fear out of asking – Find out what your stakeholders really think

While it’s popular for businesses to pay lip service to ‘stakeholder engagement’, reaching out to employees, to clients and to business partners can be a confronting task. However, carefully structured engagement can produce useful insights that can lead to positive change. Engaging in a formal process to draw insights from your stakeholders can be a great step in connecting with, engaging, and learning from the people and organisations who have a stake in your business.

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The challenge of addressing community outrage

With the board approval of Indian mining giant Adani’s Carmichael coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin, the issue of community outrage, and the challenges it can present to a project, has come to the fore.

The mine has faced persistent community opposition from a range of stakeholder groups – green groups, farmers, nationalists and the Australian community more broadly, who have concerns about the effect of a large new coal mine on global carbon emissions.

While not all undertakings galvanise public opinion in the way the Adani mine has, there are lessons for all businesses from Adani’s experience. Because whether it’s a small residential development or a huge infrastructure project, too much pollution or too many cars parked on the street, communities often respond to anything which encroaches on their amenity or values with outrage. Read More

The challenge of communicating change

Whether it’s mergers, restructures, acquisitions or redundancies, communication is critical for businesses during times of change. While change can create new opportunities, it can be met with criticism or resistance from staff, customers, shareholders and other stakeholders. With everything moving so quickly, it can be challenging to effectively communicate with different audiences and maintain confidence in the organisation. A good communication strategy can make all the difference in successfully implementing large-scale organisational change.

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What can the UK police teach us about crisis communication?

One thing that the tragedies in Manchester and London Bridge can teach us is the primary importance of providing information in the midst of a public safety crisis.

In the Manchester incident, the Greater Manchester Police twitter feed updated every 15-30 minutes as events unfolded, warning people to stay away, and offering help to those affected by the incident.

In London, the police have been hailed for their ‘run, hide, tell’ strategy which has been credited with saving many lives during the incident. Read More

Fancy yourself as a thought leader? Prepare for others to be the judge of that.

The rise and rise of digital and social media has brought with it an explosion in so-called… Thought Leadership. You might be excused for thinking that the name itself – Thought Leadership – gives some solid direction as to the purpose, focus and value of this type of commentary. However, with the rise and rise of social and digital media, the proverbial every man and his dog seems to fancy themselves as an expert commentator. Everywhere you look, in the paper, on the television, on Facebook and LinkedIn, there is someone offering their opinion and insight on just about every topic imaginable.

Much of the commentary however is questionable as true thought leadership and guess what, audiences are on to us… they are increasingly turning off.

A study by The Economist Group in 2016, Thought Leadership Disrupted found that 3/5 of global executives surveyed felt ‘confused or overwhelmed’ by the volume of content they encountered. 75% of those surveyed said they had become more selective in what they consumed.

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