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Can going early deliver a touchdown?

On the 5th of February at 6:30pm American Eastern Standard time, over 110 million Americans turned on their televisions and tuned in to one the biggest sporting events, and media events, in the world – the Super Bowl. But for many viewers, the sporting spectacle is not the main event. Every year advertisers spend millions of dollars, both creating and placing advertisements in the lengthy telecast. The gargantuan audience the Super Bowl commands means advertisers are pushed to create their best work, and many memorable campaigns have come out of Super Bowl Sunday. Read More

Go Live: the 2017 trend that could do wonders for your business

As video continues to become a default marketing and communications tactic for organisations, savvy businesses still have an opportunity to separate themselves from competitors by effectively utilising what’s set to be one of 2017’s big digital trends, live video.

While the concept of video is of course nothing new, the idea of streaming your activity as it happens continues to gain traction in the corporate world. In fact, a recent study suggests 50% of marketers plan on using live video services moving forward, and 50% want to learn more about live video. Read More

You say vanilla slice, I say snot block

As the 26th of January rolls around, some of us might take time out to reflect on what it means to live on the largest island on earth. We might come to the realisation that the ‘average’ Australian can’t be easily defined and that the greatest benefit to our nation is the diversity of our citizens.

Considering the variances in climate and lifestyle, religion and beliefs, it is amazing to think that we are a thriving, collective nation. So we must have something in common? Read More

Copyrights and responsibilities

Copyright is something that everyone is aware of. But does everyone really understand how it works? Businesses need to be aware of the serious costs copyright infringement can carry including fines of up to $585,000, not to mention the reputational damage legal proceedings can have on a business.

A recent Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) webinar, hosted by the Copyright Agency, explained some common issues that come out of copyright.
Read More

Go bush: the value of rural media

by Richard Coombs

When you think of the Australian media landscape, it’s natural to immediately think of the big cities the and state-wide and national news outlets. However, if you’re looking to develop a truly national profile, it would be remiss of you to neglect regional and rural media.

In 2016, rural and regional media in Queensland went through a massive shift. APN’s regional media arm was officially snapped up by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp after the deal received approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Authority in late December. Read More