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Earned vs. Paid media – what’s the difference and why does it matter?

As media organisations struggle to find revenue sources to support their journalism, the line between genuine news and advertising has blurred.

With a rise in sponsored content, ‘editorial partnerships’ and social media influencers using marketing techniques to promote products and services, paid advertising is, in some circumstances, very difficult to distinguish from genuine editorial content.

Despite the similarities between both forms of news copy, there is still a fundamental divide between what public relations professionals call ‘earned media’ and paid advertisements.

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The gag order that wasn’t – courts and the media in the 21st century

News of the conviction of Cardinal George Pell for historic child sex offences has consumed Australian media over the past week. But as the dust begins to settle on this horrific affair, some Australians are wondering why they’re only now hearing about the conviction, when Cardinal Pell was convicted in December 2018. As many outlets have since reported, Australian media were under a court-imposed gag order, preventing them from reporting on the verdict until now.

Despite this, many Australians had already read about the verdict because a number of international publications defied the court’s order and published the story online in December. While authorities were able to geo-block some of these publications, others remained online for Australians to see. Not to mention the fact that many Australians were able to hear about the conviction from friends and acquaintances across social media.

So, what does this tell us about the ability of courts to suppress information in the digital age? Read More

Everyday creativity: More than those proverbial turtlenecks and beanbags

If you were asked to picture a ‘creative’ business person, what image would come to mind?

Perhaps it would be a marketing professional, working in a pristine open plan office, conjuring up their next campaign from the comfort of an oversized beanbag.

Or maybe it would be an architect; labouring over a set of plans in a black turtleneck.

Or even a hoody-wearing, twentysomething game designer, trying to code the next Candy Crush (that was an online game that took the world by storm a few years ago, for those not in-the-know).

The problem with these stereotypes is that they obscure the everyday creativity of people across a multitude of industries and in many different roles. Read More

Timing is everything: 5 ways timing can make or break your chances with the media

There is much to consider when writing a media release; a catchy title, newsworthy angle, engaging details and solid quotes are all vital ingredients in the creation of a compelling story. However, there is one key factor many overlook – timing. This important element can ultimately make or break the coverage your media release gains. 

Often, timing is only discussed in conjunction with the pitch – for instance, when determining the best moment to send a media release to a journalist to achieve optimal coverage. However, if you want better results, it is important to consider timing at all stages of your media engagement.

From the development of a story idea through to the day and time you choose to send a release to a journalist – timing is at the heart of good media relations. Read More

Reflecting on 30 years in business

The courage to seize the opportunity, pioneering industry best practice and the heart and soul of the business, our staff.

What a privilege to have been the Founder, long time Managing Director and now Executive Chairman of one of Australia’s longest established, independent communications firms for 30 years.

Our once tiny, Brisbane based business has evolved over three decades to work with clients who operate at the highest level in every State, throughout Asia Pacific, in Britain, Europe and the United States. Read More