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Digital Communication


In the digital world, communication has become faster, more mobile and more complicated. It is in this digital realm that the opinions of real people shape your reputation.

Today, anyone can write, publish and editorialise from virtually any location on the planet. Citizen journalism is here.

BBS’ Digital Communication team uses social networking platforms, online news portals and strong links with the blogging community to communicate corporate key messages in what’s commonly considered to be an ‘anti-corporate’ medium.

Our capability

  • Social media staff usage policies
  • Social media strategies
  • Social media campaigns
  • Blogger communication and engagement
  • Online issues management
  • Monitoring and trends analysis

Our experience

  • Creating digital media strategies for national clients in health, property and retail, integrating social media with overall corporate objectives to achieve results
  • Developing and implementing campaigns for product launches, public education and awareness programs, and traffic generation.


  • Social media 101 (beginners)
  • Social media strategy workshop
  • Online engagement
  • Tailored training programs

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