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Inside the Australian blogosphere

The prevalence of bloggers as digital influencers, and credible news outlets, continues to grow in Australia.

In our quest to gain a better understanding of how Australian bloggers operate, and what they look for when developing quality content for their blog, we reached out into the blogosphere and sought their insights.

Here are six key findings from the fourth BBS blogger survey, encapsulating the feedback from 75 bloggers across the country.

1. Social media delivers eyeballs
Australian bloggers say more than half of their blog traffic comes from social media, which tells us the two worlds remain intrinsically linked.

2. Blogging unlikely to be the blogger’s full-time job
Despite how sophisticated some blogs appear, only one in 10 bloggers consider themselves a full-time blogger. One-third of bloggers say they regarded their blog as a part-time project.

3. Growing compensation for content
Almost 70 per cent of bloggers say they receive some form of compensation for their work, whether it be free products, expenses paid or money.

4. Passion drives bloggers
Nearly 57 per cent of blogs focus on a topic the author is passionate about. Their key tip to public relations professionals wanting to work with a blogger is to identify and understand what the passion behind a particular blog is, and tailor content so that it closely aligns with this interest.

5. Sponsored posts work
Around two-thirds of bloggers have uploaded a sponsored post on their blog, with over half reporting their sponsored posts perform just as well as regular posts.

6. The role of the PR professional
Most bloggers are more than happy to receive pitches from PR professionals, but only if they can see that the pitch demonstrates an understanding of what their blog is about.

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