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Marketing mini-series Part 2: The benefits of content marketing

Just because other companies are deploying content marketing strategies, doesn’t necessarily mean you should invest the time and resources into developing your own strategy.

However, what should convince you to dive into content marketing are the proven benefits that make it one of the most practical, valuable and useful marketing strategies you can adopt.

According to the Content Marketing in Australia 2016: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, 81% of Australian marketers aid their organisation by using content marketing. Here are the top five benefits content marketing can bring.

1. More website content delivers more leads
Research has found companies with content-rich websites can generate up to 97% more leads than those without. Regular website updates and visitors also helps to improve your search engine optimisation.

2. Targeted content results in better friends and followers
By producing original content relevant to your audiences you can repurpose it across your social media channels for increased exposure. Content that aligns with your target audiences not only increases their engagement with your brand, but also helps to deepen your network as new people connect with your brand and become aware of what you offer.

3. More sales
Most marketing strategies aim to convert sales, and content marketing is no different. However, the difference between traditional marketing and content marketing is that good content marketing is meant to help, not sell. By providing insightful and informative content to your readers now, there’ll be no need to ‘sell’ to them later as they would have already formed a level of trust in your brand. Research has found that 55% of consumers are not only attracted to custom content, but are also likely to buy the products and services of the content provider.

4. Improved brand reputation and loyalty
People form an instant impression of your brand based on the quality of your content so it’s important to produce informative, valuable and entertaining content your followers will love. Great content also establishes your brand as a thought leader that audiences listen to. Higher levels of authority, trust and respect from target audiences ultimately influences their purchasing decisions.

5. Lower marketing costs
Content marketing is an incredibly cost-effective way to share your brand message and insights. The key is to be patient and even though enquiries might not start flowing immediately, the compounding value of your hard work will pay off. Not only will you build a bank of thought-provoking, insightful content, but you’ll also build a community of brand advocates who will tell their friends, and their friends, about how you are their brand of choice.