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Media Training

Whether speaking to journalists face-to-face or over the phone, spokespeople need the skills and confidence to perform.

Understanding how news organisations work, what tactics journalists use to source information and how to stay on-message during positive and negative interviews will ensure executives are prepared, confident and able to deliver messages which resonate with media but which also enhance the company’s reputation.

BBS’ media training builds:

  • an understanding of how journalists work, the 24-hour technology-led news cycle
  • an appreciation of how online and social media influence today’s newsgathering
  • knowledge of what makes the news and why
  • interview skill techniques with a focus on polished and authentic message delivery
  • the ability to protect an organisation’s reputation by framing messages in the best possible manner.

BBS offers four levels of Media Training to support spokespeople with different needs and experience levels:

Media Awareness – 1 hour

This is a high-level, overview session which assists participants to understand the current media landscape, roles and behaviours of different news agencies and journalist needs and expectations.

It is suited as a ‘Lunch ‘n Learn’ session for early-career media spokespeople, communications and marketing professionals and executive support staff.

Media Training Foundations – 3 hours

This is a more detailed version of the Media Awareness session (above) and assists participants to understand the current media landscape, the roles and behaviours of different news agencies and journalists’ needs and expectations.

This training is useful for useful for those people who have a role in generating positive media coverage for their organisation or may be required to support spokespeople in a crisis

Practical Media Training for Spokespeople – 3.5 hours

The performance of media spokespeople can enhance or detract from the message. How a spokesperson looks, sounds and behaves during a media interaction can make a critical difference to the way the business and the topic is portrayed.

This is a highly practical session that focusses on preparing spokespeople for interviews through developing awareness of media behaviours and intensive coaching of interview performance techniques.

Advanced Media Coaching – 2 hours (or multiples of)

This one-on-one intensive coaching is designed for spokespeople who need to perfect their skills or prepare for a particularly challenging media encounter. Content is shaped particularly for the individual and the circumstance.

Professional Trainers

BBS’ media trainers are a mix of former journalists, communication experts and media strategists with an in-depth knowledge of working newsrooms across print and broadcast media. We train around 150 people a year across Australia.

Rebecca is a current working journalist and accredited media trainer. Rebecca has 20 years’ experience working in journalism, including international reporting for BBC World Television News in London, and 10 years specialising in business and finance reporting for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. 

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A former print journalist and editor, Lisa has 30 years’ experience in media and communications. She coaches senior executives to perform effectively in interviews with complex or challenging content, during times of crisis and high reputational risk.


Amanda is a former journalist and communications professional with 20 years’ experience working in Australia and the UK. Her training experience covers multiple sectors including property, finance, energy and health.

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Please contact our Managing Director to discuss pricing for your specific training needs lnixon@bbscommunications.com.au.