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Sustained momentum: Stakeholder engagement when you’re out of the woods

Most people associate stakeholder engagement with the management of something significant –events, change, crisis, or disruption. It is most commonly associated with the idea that you want someone to do, feel, or approve something related to a specific project. These projects can be enormous undertakings for an organisation, draining resources both financially and culturally. However, it’s often the case that, regardless of…

Communicating a brand: from imagination to reality

Communicating with customers is an essential activity for any business, but in order to communicate effectively, you first need to know your brand identity. How do you want to portray yourself to customers? How do you want to be perceived? The challenge of formulating a brand identity, and maintaining it, can be an arduous one. But by defining your identity and communicating…

You say vanilla slice, I say snot block

As the 26th of January rolls around, some of us might take time out to reflect on what it means to live on the largest island on earth. We might come to the realisation that the ‘average’ Australian can’t be easily defined and that the greatest benefit to our nation is the diversity of our citizens. Considering the variances in climate and…

Christmas around the world – same same, but different

The Christmas countdown is on and if feels like most people are well and truly into the festive season. What might surprise you is less than half the world’s population actually celebrates Christmas in their own culture. But for those who do, which is around 3.3 billion people, the variety of customs differs significantly. Those who do celebrate Christmas do so in…

Dialling up communication in the mobile age

The rise of smartphones has been so widespread and rapid, the days where we could only use landline phones and pay phones seem like a distant memory. In a recent study 74% of Australians admitted they relied on their mobiles just as much as their home desktop computers when searching for information, ideas and advice. In the US, the number of mobile-only…

Hitting the G (Google) Spot

With Google monopolising the search engine market, the fight to be on the first page of a search is critical to a business’ visibility. As the saying goes, “the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of a Google search.”

Driving inner health with internal communications

Organisations that understand the benefits of having a well-functioning internal communications strategy are leaps and bounds ahead of others in more ways than you might think. Unfortunately, many companies and managers don’t give the appropriate attention to the development of these strategies, often hoarding key information to a select few and keeping frontline staff in the dark as if they were competitors….

Hitting the button: knowing how to identify and escalate issues

With the 24-hour news cycle and social media, the need for organisations to proactively and effectively manage emerging issues has never been more important. After all, how successfully an organisation navigates the minefield when a crisis or issue hits will determine whether it makes it through with its reputation and business intact.

Taking it personally: deciphering communication styles

In any job and in any workplace, it is inevitable that you get along with some people better than others. Socially, you find yourself naturally avoiding those personalities that don’t align with yours in favour of those that are. But at work, avoidance is impossible when you need to work in teams, with clients and with suppliers. Often we can mistakenly take…

Changing reality: fake worlds and future communication

Pokémon and communications nerds have been in nirvana for the past week or so—albeit for different reasons—as the game previously associated with tweens in the ‘90s had an explosive comeback. Thanks to Pokémon Go, players have been reliving their youth with the augmented reality game, while communicators have been fantasising about what this technology means for their trade.