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Making sure your sponsorship makes sense for your brand

Businesses can use effective sponsorships to add credibility to their brands, get in front of the right people and even improve their corporate social responsibility credentials. While, at its core, it is an exchange of money for services, a sponsorship can be so much more. More than a logo on an invitation or a branded banner at an event, it provides business…

The right way to communicate your CSR

Previously we uncovered some of the obstacles that stand in the way of organisations wanting to communicate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. But while we flagged some important things to consider before you embark on CSR communications, it shouldn’t put you off talking about your CSR activities altogether. If you are doing “good things”, you should be telling people – either…

Why is it so hard to tell people you’re being so good?

The expectation of businesses to be sustainable, charitable and ethical is higher than ever. After all, from society’s point of view, companies and organisations don’t operate in a vacuum. While there is not legislative requirement on businesses for corporate social responsibility (CSR), society expects businesses will act in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society….