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When silence isn’t golden: the art of internal communications

by Rachael Maundrell The State of the Global Workplace – a worldwide survey conducted found only 13% of employees were engaged at work.  That’s right, only one-in-eight employees across the globe are committed to their jobs and making positive contributions to their organisation. A staggering 63% indicated they were “not engaged” and 24% sat in the “actively disengaged” bracket. Problematic? We think so….

The death of the Town Hall free-for-all

by Dan Pollard “Let’s hold a meeting!” There was once a time when that was the automatic response to a community issue. The government – or whoever had upset everyone – would hire out the biggest hall they could find. Chairs would be set up and a large – usually unruly – crowd would file in and fill them. One unfortunate individual…

What organisations can learn from Eurovision

by Matthew Hart Think Eurovision, Europe’s annual song contest, and you’re probably thinking sequins, white suits and some questionable songs. But interestingly, the Eurovision Song Contest represents one of the world’s most popular and longest-running internal engagement activities.

The current state of community engagement

by Gerard Reilly More than 30 community engagement professionals joined the BBS Communications Group team last night for the unveiling of the 2012 BBS Community Engagement Survey results. This year’s research focused on gathering insights from some of the country’s leading community engagement practitioners about their experiences in gaining internal support and the impacts of differing levels of commitment and resources on…