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Sustained momentum: Stakeholder engagement when you’re out of the woods

Most people associate stakeholder engagement with the management of something significant –events, change, crisis, or disruption. It is most commonly associated with the idea that you want someone to do, feel, or approve something related to a specific project. These projects can be enormous undertakings for an organisation, draining resources both financially and culturally. However, it’s often the case that, regardless of…

Taking the fear out of asking – Find out what your stakeholders really think

While it’s popular for businesses to pay lip service to ‘stakeholder engagement’, reaching out to employees, to clients and to business partners can be a confronting task. However, carefully structured engagement can produce useful insights that can lead to positive change. Engaging in a formal process to draw insights from your stakeholders can be a great step in connecting with, engaging, and…

Engaging with journalists: how to jump the media fence

Ahhh journalists, the multi-tasking geniuses who live a foreign life; inaccessible gatekeepers on the other side of the media fence. No matter how you view journalists, the reality is that despite fragmentation in the media market due to social media and citizen journalism amongst other things, journalists still play a major role in the news that every day people consume and trust….

A game of #tag

Once confined to the Twitterverse, hashtags have gone viral across all social media platforms. Though often used frivolously, when formulated correctly as part of an organisation’s social media strategy a hashtag can become a mechanism to boost social engagement, spark conversation and offer a point of reference to audiences. Here are our six tips for creating a trend-worthy hashtag: