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Social media strategy: who, what, and more importantly, why?

Social media has become an essential tool for every business. No matter what you are offering or audience, the lack of a social media presence can seriously hamper your ability to connect with your customers or stakeholders. Driven by the need for a comprehensive digital footprint, many businesses attempt to build and maintain a social media presence with regular content delivered across…

Peak Facebook: Are demographics going to kill the world’s largest social network?

Facebook is getting older. Now in its 13th year, everything about the site is maturing including its user base. A 2017 study by ISL revealed that 66% of Facebook users were over the age of 35 and there was a 40% decrease in 13-17 year olds using the site, indicating a clear shift in the world of social media. Some sources suggest…

A game of #tag

Once confined to the Twitterverse, hashtags have gone viral across all social media platforms. Though often used frivolously, when formulated correctly as part of an organisation’s social media strategy a hashtag can become a mechanism to boost social engagement, spark conversation and offer a point of reference to audiences. Here are our six tips for creating a trend-worthy hashtag: