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Industry Experience

Infrastructure, Transport & Utilities

Infrastructure projects are vital to any region’s future growth plans – but often not everyone is happy with the price of progress.

From a communication perspective, few projects are more complicated or involve more stakeholders than large-scale infrastructure projects. Getting your communication right is key to the long-term success of the project.


  • Clem Jones Tunnel (CLEM7)
  • Airport Link – through City North Infrastructure
  • Eleanor Schonell Bridge at University of Queensland

Health, Aged Care & Social Services

No industry is as emotive, complex, potentially controversial or of greater public interest than health.

Dealing with issues of patient confidentiality, complex regulatory regimes, medical research, competency demands, and the nexus between State and Federal jurisdictions requires specialist communications services.


  • The University of Queensland’s (UQ) GP Super Clinics, UQ Health Care
  • The Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE)
  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
  • Retire Australia
  • Australia and New Zealand Sarcoma Association
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Cystic Fibrosis Queensland

Professional Services

In a highly competitive marketplace, professional services firms need to strategically deploy marketing communications to connect their brands with potential new clients and give voice to their thought leaders.

BBS is considered one of Australia’s leading communications advisors to professional services firms and is highly engaged in the sector’s key membership body, the Asia Pacific Professional Services Marketing Association (APSMA).


  • BDO Australia
  • AECOM Australia
  • URS Australia

Property Development, Urban Planning & Construction

The property sector faces multiple complex and sometimes emotionally-charged communication challenges as projects move through the development lifecycle – from initial concept, planning and approvals; through development and construction; and into sales and marketing.

Well-structured and well-timed communication can help to mitigate risks and deliver real financial value to a project… keeping project timelines on schedule, getting the development to market sooner and helping to realise financial returns for shareholders.


  • Hamilton Harbour
  • Economic Development Queensland (formerly Urban Land Development Authority)
  • Sekisui House


Modern retailing is certainly not for the feint hearted. It’s a ‘noisy’ and competitive environment where only the fittest survive.

Communicating effectively in this environment takes creativity, flexibility and experience. Over 25 years, BBS has supported retailers offering everything from food and beauty products, to jewellery, toys and fitness equipment.


  • Domino’s Pizza Enterprises
  • Eagle Boys Pizza
  • Chanel

Finance, Banking & Superannuation

The financial sector is more volatile than most, continually responding to information or a lack thereof. BBS works with companies to tell their corporate story to investors, analysts and the broader market to support enduring shareholder value.

Our knowledge of the financial media, social media and analyst communication is deployed to support companies through mergers and acquisitions, IPOs and other listings, restructures, sales and other critical transactions. We manage communication around results reporting, ASX announcements, senior executive appointments and other milestones.


  • Domino’s Pizza Enterprises
  • Campbell Brothers
  • Macquarie Bank

Education & Training

From childcare and schooling through to professional career development, education and training has evolved into a sophisticated, regulated and competitive industry offering tangible benefits to individuals and organisations.

The key challenge for industry players is reaching relevant stakeholders and communicating in a way that sets them apart from the crowd. By promoting an organisation’s vision, objectives and points of difference, it can attract the right stakeholders, be they students, teachers, trainers, businesses, partners or others.


  • Australian Council for Private Education and Training
  • Careers Australia Group
  • Charlton Brown

Member Associations & Peak Bodies

Organisations working on behalf of members, whether in tourism, property, health, hospitality or any other sector, face unique communication challenges. The message must be crystal clear, with an effective call to action for both the members and those stakeholders whose favour or behaviour are critical.

For more than 25 years, BBS has supported industry peak bodies and member organisations to develop and profile their brands, to strengthen their member value propositions and communicate with government.


  • The Pharmacy Guild of Australia
  • Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC)
  • Master Builders

Energy & Resources

Communicating in the high-pressure energy and resources sector demands sensitivity, speed and precision. Public scrutiny is relentless, while the battle to be heard in the cluttered investment community is fierce.

BBS has impeccable credentials in energy and resources. We have worked with clients in energy generation and distribution, LNG, coal and other minerals, mine construction, and accommodation.


  • Arrow Energy
  • Powerlink
  • Origin Energy

Government Owned Corporations & Statutory Authorities

GOCs and Statutory Authorities deploy strategic communications to help them balance priorities arising from their commercial operations, government policy settings and community expectations.

This particularly challenging framework means communications must be sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders while allowing the organisation to press ahead with its corporate plan.


  • Gladstone Area Water Board
  • Gladstone Airport Corporation
  • SEQ Water

Local, State & Federal Government

Executing communication campaigns on behalf of government at any level requires a strong understanding of departmental and ministerial protocols, individual government priorities and a commitment to creativity and efficiency.

Often consultancy is called up on to mobilise quickly to support departmental personnel with urgent needs. Alternatively, we are able to provide the strategic insight that can only come from an external perspective.


  • Queensland Government
  • Local governments across Australia
  • Federal Government departments

Community and Not-for-Profit

As the community and not-for-profit sector faces increasing pressure to do more with less, communications has the opportunity to support innovation and engagement that can extend the reach of tight budgets and stretched human resources.

Strategic PR campaigns can shine a light on the outstanding work of community organisations, helping to build a strong following and secure financial backing. Cleverly executed communications campaigns can motivate staff and supporters to continue the fight for a cure, for a new approach, another way.

We offer new solutions and creativity to old challenges and effective communications allows organisations to engage with stakeholders transparently and positively.


  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • SIDS and Kids
  • Cystic Fibrosis Queensland