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Your link to success

LinkedIn has firmly entrenched itself as the professional social media tool of choice.

Jobseekers use it to find new opportunities, employers scour it looking for new recruits, and like-minded professionals meet, interact and do business.

Now more than ever, having a poorly developed profile can do you more harm than good.

Yet once people have created their LinkedIn profile, they rarely revisit and refresh it.

Here are five ways to make your LinkedIn profile more engaging:

1. Relevance is key
Your LinkedIn profile is a virtual resume. And just like a traditional resume, listed experience should be relevant to the industry you work in — not just a space filler. Leave off the jobs you had while studying at high school or university if you’ve since had more pertinent roles.  And don’t forget to update your profile as you work in different roles or on different projects.  Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity.

2. Join that group
LinkedIn provides the opportunity to network with others in your field with whom you may never have otherwise had the chance to “meet”. Join groups relevant to your industry and become a part of the discussions. This keeps you in the loop on industry trends and insights.

3. Follow, follow, follow
Following the LinkedIn profiles of organisations you’d like to work with gives you an insight into the type of work they do, and what they might look for in potential employees or business partners. Often when they’re looking for staff or embarking on new projects LinkedIn will be one of the first places to see it.

4. Endorse and be endorsed
Don’t just tell people what you’re good at, let other people do it for you. Having multiple endorsements on your skills is the perfect way to gain credibility. The best way to increase your skill endorsements is by endorsing others, that way it gives them an opportunity to return the favour. Make sure to have your most relevant and highly endorsed skills at the top of the list.

5. Share something
One way to get noticed is to share an interesting professional article or a post you wrote yourself.  This not only helps to broaden your network but shows your interests and insights to others.  On a practical level, it also ensures you pop up on your followers’ news feeds.