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2016 Communication Trends: The Four Cs

If 2016 is anything like every other year then we can expect big developments in the way businesses manage their communications.

Based on what 2015 taught us, we’ve made our predictions for what the next 12 months will bring in the way of communications trends.

Harnessing the power of “white knights” or external influencers who speak to your target audience can be an important way to bolster the credibility of your brand, product or service.

Whether it is deploying online influencers, industry associations or simply high-profile testimonials, third-party endorsement can help you cut through the clutter in an increasingly competitive market.

These people have a well-established emotional, personal or professional connection with their audience. Instead of starting from scratch to try and create that connection with your business, you can empower your advocates to bypass this step for you.

An increase in content across both traditional and new media platforms means it is now more important than ever for businesses to continually produce creative and quality content.

When multiple communications platforms are being used, maintaining a clear and consistent message across all is key to establishing a unique brand.

More and more businesses are embracing cloud-based solutions for a range of operations, helping them to be more efficient, responsive and competitive.

Cloud-based communication solutions provide a single place to access client data and seamlessly manage customer interactions, enhancing both internal communications and the consumer experience.

From formal business partnerships through to joint research projects, businesses are increasingly collaborating with other likeminded individuals and organisations.

While they commonly have a business development focus, these collaborations also create unique communication opportunities, allowing each party to engage with new audiences.  They often also provide valuable content that businesses can use to showcase their expertise and unique selling point.