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Changing reality: fake worlds and future communication

Pokémon and communications nerds have been in nirvana for the past week or so—albeit for different reasons—as the game previously associated with tweens in the ‘90s had an explosive comeback. Thanks to Pokémon Go, players have been reliving their youth with the augmented reality game, while communicators have been fantasising about what this technology means for their trade.

Finding an angle: telling your story through photos

by Giulio Saggin When I joined ABC News Online as the National Photo Editor I was asked to produce a ‘how to take photos’ presentation. Two quotes came to mind – “a photo tells a thousand words” and “a picture shows something, a photo tells a story”. Using these quotes as a guide, it made sense that if a photo did tell…

The value of engagement: why more heads are better than one

The term “community engagement” is frequently thrown around when it comes to communication activities in the property, infrastructure, service delivery and policy sectors. But what is it really? Is there a “right way” and “wrong way”? And why bother if you’re just going to build it anyway? According to the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2), “engagement is a planned process with…