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Dark Social: The future of social media?

Social media has become an essential tool for professional communicators, giving businesses a direct platform to engage with stakeholders and communicate their message to the public. But while businesses have been concentrating on Facebook shares and retweets on twitter, a huge number of people have moved their social activity away from social media and into the realm of ‘dark social’. Chat-based applications…

Staying human – the importance of face-to-face engagement in the digital era

In today’s digital age, technology is changing the way we work and communicate. As the social media era takes over, organisations find themselves constantly shifting to ensure they have a successful digital strategy in place. However, direct or ‘human-to-human’ engagement can be just as crucial as digital technologies when it comes to engaging your audience.

Avoiding surprises: plan for issues, plan for solutions

Most of us enjoy surprises. Free tickets to an event we’ve been wanting to go to, the last-minute cancellation of an event we didn’t want to go to, an unexpected windfall, a thoughtful gift. However, when your organisation’s reputation is on the line, surprises can be a little less welcome. An unexpected issue has the potential to seriously damage or destroy your…