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Helping a blogger out

by Amanda Robson

Bloggers are playing an increasingly important role in the media landscape, connecting with readers and creating conversations on a variety of topics.

Now in its third year, the 2013 BBS Blogger Survey involved more than 80 bloggers from across the country and various genres, sharing key insights about their motivations, challenges and goals, as well as levels of engagement with businesses and public relations professionals.

One of the key findings from this year’s report was that bloggers are looking to build mutually-beneficial relationships with brands and PR practitioners. In fact, bloggers nominated the below as the top three ways PRs and brands could better assist them:1) Promote my posts to their contacts and on social media

Having a mutually beneficial relationship means helping one another out. In this case, if a blogger takes the time to promote your product/service/company, it’s a good idea to return the favour by promoting their blog to your own contacts.

2) Invite me to events

Events provide a way for bloggers to get a better feel for brands, meet key company representatives, network and provide instant feedback.

3) Provide exclusive stories or opportunities

Like journalists, bloggers are seeking to differentiate themselves for their readers, by providing unique content and breaking news for their readers.