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Five things to bring to your first meeting with your PR team

So, you’ve received the proposal, signed the contract and now, it’s time to get stuck into work with your new public relations team; but what do you bring to your first meeting together?

Whether you’re new to all things PR or you’ve never worked with an external consultancy before, the idea of your first meeting with the new team might seem a little daunting.

Will they really understand my business and what I’m trying to achieve? What if I don’t understand their lingo? Will I be able to trust them with my business? How much control will I have to hand over?

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Facebook news ban

As you may have heard this morning, Facebook has implemented a news ban overnight that is restricting Australians and Australian businesses from sharing or viewing news content through its platform.

This news ban is in response to proposed laws that would force companies like Facebook and Google to pay for content from news organisations. You may also have seen the announcement about Google’s deal with Nine Entertainment, the owner of the Nine Network but also online news sites and print media including The Sydney Morning Herald and Australian Financial Review. Media reports have also pointed to discussions occurring with other news businesses including Seven West Media News Corporation, GuardianDaily Mail and others.

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Win, lose or draw on 31 October – make your government relations strategy a winner!

Election season is well and truly underway in Queensland with major parties vying for an inaugural fixed four year term in office. Whilst in times of crisis or uncertainty, voters tend to stick with incumbent administrations, Queenslanders never fail to shake thing up and this time around any result is possible with unprecedent postal and early voting levels predicted.

Despite the ongoing global pandemic, economic recovery is high on the agenda and voters will be looking for policies that drive job creation that will bring some confidence as they try to navigate a post COVID-19 world.

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Customers have a stake in your change process too

Change happens. And this year the pace of change hit warp speed. If anything, change has been our one constant.

Sooner or later most businesses identify a need for change which can come in many forms – mergers, rebrands, new (or discontinued) products or services, technology, or changes to leadership.

Businesses often make the mistake of being inwardly focused when it comes to navigating change, mistakenly thinking change management applies only to the business internally.

Your customers and clients however may take a very different view.

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The power of PR in the changing media landscape

If there was one word to describe 2020, it would have to be pivot – the extremely overused buzzword that many of us have used as a crutch to navigate these unchartered waters. With marketing budgets tightening in the face of tough economic times and Australia’s print media landscape continuing to change – read: shrink – it can be difficult to see how PR can continue to pivot and thrive in a world with fewer journalists and closing mastheads.

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