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Dialling up communication in the mobile age

The rise of smartphones has been so widespread and rapid, the days where we could only use landline phones and pay phones seem like a distant memory.

In a recent study 74% of Australians admitted they relied on their mobiles just as much as their home desktop computers when searching for information, ideas and advice.

In the US, the number of mobile-only users now exceeds desktop computer-only, the trend sure to continue becoming more common across the globe.

These statistics highlight why it’s important you focus your marketing and communication activities with mobile platforms in mind, otherwise you risk missing out connecting with your stakeholders. If you’re only dipping your toes into the mobile space now, here are a few reasons as to why you need to pay it close attention:

1. Broaden your audience

Avenues such as face-to-face meetings, eNewsletters, print letters and information sessions still have their place in connecting with your stakeholders, but tapping into mobile gives you access a new audience. Through content sharing and public interaction your message is able to reach new stakeholders even if you weren’t targeting them in the first place. Social media platforms and websites serve their purpose, but avenues like text messages, video content, and interactive conversations through trending apps like Snapchat can be used effectively to reach a new audience.

2. Meet stakeholder expectations

Regardless of who you’re speaking to, there is an expectation you have a sophisticated presence online and you’re using it effectively and frequently. Customers expect and demand online access to various services and if you’re not providing that, you’re giving a reason for them to look elsewhere. Whether it’s providing open and available communication channels, responding to public queries, providing engaging, entertaining and relevant content, or even just having an easy-to-use interface, meeting stakeholders’ expectation is critical to successful mobile engagement.

3. Discover mobile communication is more than just your website

Mobile engagement is more than just having a great website that is compatible with and responsive to any device. Embracing mobile means there are a raft of channels and tools available. Online chat, surveys, article sharing, company blogs and dedicated apps are just some of the tools you can use. At the heart of each of these is understanding your stakeholders’ needs and their communication preferences, and providing relevant and compelling content and engagement.