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Growing your social media audience

It’s officially been 10 years since the birth of Twitter, and social media’s influence on consumers certainly isn’t waning. Despite its longevity, some companies are still sceptical about how social media can add value to their marketing campaign, while others are afraid they may have missed the boat completely.

Trust us when we say it’s never too late to blog, follow or tweet your way into your customers’ hearts.

Shout it out

If you’re not going to tell anyone about your social media accounts, deactivate them right now. The more followers, likes and fans you have, the more eyes will see your message. Make sure links to your social media accounts feature prominently on your website, staff email signatures and other marketing materials. Wherever your contact details are listed, links to your social media accounts should be close by.

Be social

Many companies make the mistake of creating a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account and waiting for the friend requests to roll in. If it were that easy, we’d all be social media celebrities.

Instead, seek out your target audience and follow them. If someone posts a comment on your page, reply. Be proactive in interacting with your audience and you’ll find they’re more interested to hear what you have to say. Find other accounts that relate to your own and interact with them, their followers will see this and may be compelled to follow you.

Don’t be pushy

As the saying goes, you’ve got to give a little to get a little. While social media is owned media and you can post whatever you like, it’s unlikely your new found following will stick around for long if you’re constantly trying to push your product.

By sharing content relevant to your industry – such as news, awards or announcements – your followers will begin to look to your social media accounts as a place to not only find out more about your business, but also about the industry in general.