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Maximising your media team

Amanda Firth, Account Manager

Your company’s media team is both an extension of the business as well as a receptor for the wider news agenda and public sentiment. To help your media team work more effectively, here are three tips:

1) Share your business strategy and broader communications objectives with members of your media team. The greater their insights about your business priorities, future goals and clients or customers, the more effective the team will be at identifying relevant stories, aligning messages and tailoring media approaches.

2) Plan ahead wherever possible. Although the news cycle is fast, there are certain company announcements, activities or milestones that can and should be considered well in advance. Regularly discuss your pipeline of activities with the team and bring them in on major announcements as soon as possible, so they have time to research sufficiently, feed in any key issues or opportunities and best plan for media timelines.

3) Provide feedback to your media team about the effect of press coverage on your business. From a surge in phone calls or web traffic, to a customer mentioning they saw a particular article, often this information doesn’t make it back to the media team. However, sharing these insights with the team can be really motivating and help to validate their strategy or fine-tune future media approaches.