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Earned vs. Paid media – what’s the difference and why does it matter?

As media organisations struggle to find revenue sources to support their journalism, the line between genuine news and advertising has blurred. With a rise in sponsored content, ‘editorial partnerships’ and social media influencers using marketing techniques to promote products and services, paid advertising is, in some circumstances, very difficult to distinguish from genuine editorial content. Despite the similarities between both forms of…

Can going early deliver a touchdown?

On the 5th of February at 6:30pm American Eastern Standard time, over 110 million Americans turned on their televisions and tuned in to one the biggest sporting events, and media events, in the world – the Super Bowl. But for many viewers, the sporting spectacle is not the main event. Every year advertisers spend millions of dollars, both creating and placing advertisements…

Five myths and misconceptions of the PR industry

Public relations encompasses a varied and diverse field of work, which can mean there’s no simple way of explaining what a PR professional does each day. Fuelled by movies and TV shows that depict one-dimensional “PR people”, here are five common misconceptions about the industry: