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In an uncertain 2017, create a LINK with your customer

We’ll remember 2016 as a tumultuous year filled with uncertainty and upheaval at home and abroad. For brands looking for success in 2017, we believe the big communications trends revolve around better connecting with customers and cutting through the noise.

Made to measure: Evaluating earned media

Whether it’s used to drive brand awareness, influence commentary or spur sales, earned media can be a powerful tool to drive business growth. However, measuring the value and contribution of earned media, or ‘publicity’ or ‘media coverage’ as some like to term it, is often seen as a challenge to organisations.

Unlocking an effective stakeholder engagement strategy

What is the key to an effective stakeholder engagement strategy? Step one is to define what your project’s negotiables and non-negotiables are. Non-negotiables are what cannot be changed regarding your project. However, the negotiables are what you can put on the table for the community to have their say, in a positive way, on what they would like to see delivered, whether…