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What’s in a slogan? – the dos and don’ts of company taglines

Think Different – a bad use of grammar, and perhaps the most effective slogan of the 21st century. Apple, on the back of innovative products, exceptional marketing and this simple, two-word slogan, has become one of the most valuable companies in the world with legions of devoted customers. But what is it that separates a good slogan from a meaningless tagline? And…

Driving inner health with internal communications

Organisations that understand the benefits of having a well-functioning internal communications strategy are leaps and bounds ahead of others in more ways than you might think. Unfortunately, many companies and managers don’t give the appropriate attention to the development of these strategies, often hoarding key information to a select few and keeping frontline staff in the dark as if they were competitors….

Saving time in a crisis

A crisis, either of people, property or reputation, is best tackled long before it happens. A comprehensive and regularly-revisited crisis management plan will be the white knight that comes to rescue you and your team when disaster strikes. Creating a clear pathway to resolution gives your team more confidence and cohesion, while ensuring you meet your legislative requirements. Importantly, having already determined…

Maximising your media team

Amanda Firth, Account Manager Your company’s media team is both an extension of the business as well as a receptor for the wider news agenda and public sentiment. To help your media team work more effectively, here are three tips:

The art of giving good phone

As social etiquette continues to evolve in the fast-paced digital era, so to do our methods of communication. While text-based interactions, such as emails and SMS, are de rigeur, it’s important not to forget the power a great phone conversation can have in building professional interpersonal relationships.

New {financial} year’s resolutions

End of financial year sales, shorter days and tax returns all signal that we’re half way through the year. It can be a hectic time, with the arrival of July suddenly creating a rush to finish old projects and start new ones.

Brisbane gears up for the G20 Summit

Demetri Hughes, Jane Edwards and Shane Rodgers attend a recent Australian Marketing Institute breakfast about the G20 Summit by Jane Edwards, Chairman and Chief Executive of BBS Communications Group Brisbane is about to host one of the most significant events in the world, The G20 Summit. I was privileged to be responsible for the worldwide communications program for World Expo 88 twenty-six…

When silence isn’t golden: the art of internal communications

by Rachael Maundrell The State of the Global Workplace – a worldwide survey conducted found only 13% of employees were engaged at work.  That’s right, only one-in-eight employees across the globe are committed to their jobs and making positive contributions to their organisation. A staggering 63% indicated they were “not engaged” and 24% sat in the “actively disengaged” bracket. Problematic? We think so….

When it’s time for good vibrations at the work stations, it’s time for ‘authentic leadership’

by Lisa Nixon There’s leadership and then there’s authentic leadership. In theory, there may not be much to set them apart, but in practice there is a world of difference. As those of us in business continue to face challenging times testing our relationships with clients, suppliers and our staff, conversations about leadership and culture are as valuable as those about productivity…

The window to your organisation

by Ashleigh Stallard The importance of keeping your website focused More often than not, your website is the ‘face’ of your organisation. It is the first port of call for prospective clients and customers, and like it or not, is often what people use to judge an organisation.