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Christmas around the world – same same, but different

The Christmas countdown is on and if feels like most people are well and truly into the festive season. What might surprise you is less than half the world’s population actually celebrates Christmas in their own culture. But for those who do, which is around 3.3 billion people, the variety of customs differs significantly. Those who do celebrate Christmas do so in…

Driving inner health with internal communications

Organisations that understand the benefits of having a well-functioning internal communications strategy are leaps and bounds ahead of others in more ways than you might think. Unfortunately, many companies and managers don’t give the appropriate attention to the development of these strategies, often hoarding key information to a select few and keeping frontline staff in the dark as if they were competitors….

Cracking the lid on Aussie business communication

It’s true what they say, Aussies do it differently. Those who have worked overseas or done business with international organisations understand that Australian have developed their own take on business culture. For this Australia Day, we want to explore how Australian business communication differs from our international counterparts.