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Earned vs. Paid media – what’s the difference and why does it matter?

As media organisations struggle to find revenue sources to support their journalism, the line between genuine news and advertising has blurred. With a rise in sponsored content, ‘editorial partnerships’ and social media influencers using marketing techniques to promote products and services, paid advertising is, in some circumstances, very difficult to distinguish from genuine editorial content. Despite the similarities between both forms of…

News values for the Modern Age: Shaping news in a digital-fuelled media world

It’s widely known that ‘earned’ media coverage, ie that which appears in the news pages rather than as an advertisement, is a very valuable brand and reputation strategy. However, finding a place for your message within the news landscape can be a challenging task. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how your interests can align with a journalist’s current priorities and areas of…

Made to measure: Evaluating earned media

Whether it’s used to drive brand awareness, influence commentary or spur sales, earned media can be a powerful tool to drive business growth. However, measuring the value and contribution of earned media, or ‘publicity’ or ‘media coverage’ as some like to term it, is often seen as a challenge to organisations.