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Helping a blogger out

by Amanda Robson Bloggers are playing an increasingly important role in the media landscape, connecting with readers and creating conversations on a variety of topics. Now in its third year, the 2013 BBS Blogger Survey involved more than 80 bloggers from across the country and various genres, sharing key insights about their motivations, challenges and goals, as well as levels of engagement…

Do you have social media FOMO?

by Louise McGill Do you get edgy when you see your competitors updating their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts each morning? Do you break into a sweat every time someone asks why your company doesn’t have accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ AND Foursquare? Following these questions, do you immediately jump online and sign up for every social media page imaginable?

The window to your organisation

by Ashleigh Stallard The importance of keeping your website focused More often than not, your website is the ‘face’ of your organisation. It is the first port of call for prospective clients and customers, and like it or not, is often what people use to judge an organisation.

You’ve joined LinkedIn… so now what?

by Amanda Robson So, you’ve made the digital leap onto LinkedIn. You’ve filled out your profile, updated your experience and added quite a few connections. Now what? With more Australians than ever joining the online professional networking platform, LinkedIn is proving to be much more than just an electronic CV archive.

Be social media aware in times of crisis

by Amanda Robson In the social media age, the way in which people communicate with companies, authorities and each other in times of crisis has changed substantially. With the ability to broadcast, track and respond to information more quickly than ever before (and when other communications tools might fail), social media can impact the way stakeholders take action in a crisis, influence…

The danger of deleting

by Amanda Robson As more and more organisations step into social media, they are learning first-hand that they can’t control what is being said about them online and in such a public arena. Sure their customers, partners, associates and clients may give high praise, but others might dish out harsh criticism. However, it is how an organisation deals with this feedback –…