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What can the UK police teach us about crisis communication?

One thing that the tragedies in Manchester and London Bridge can teach us is the primary importance of providing information in the midst of a public safety crisis. In the Manchester incident, the Greater Manchester Police twitter feed updated every 15-30 minutes as events unfolded, warning people to stay away, and offering help to those affected by the incident. In London, the…

Go bush: the value of rural media

by Richard Coombs When you think of the Australian media landscape, it’s natural to immediately think of the big cities the and state-wide and national news outlets. However, if you’re looking to develop a truly national profile, it would be remiss of you to neglect regional and rural media. In 2016, rural and regional media in Queensland went through a massive shift….

Saving time in a crisis

A crisis, either of people, property or reputation, is best tackled long before it happens. A comprehensive and regularly-revisited crisis management plan will be the white knight that comes to rescue you and your team when disaster strikes. Creating a clear pathway to resolution gives your team more confidence and cohesion, while ensuring you meet your legislative requirements. Importantly, having already determined…