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The window to your organisation

by Ashleigh Stallard

The importance of keeping your website focused

More often than not, your website is the ‘face’ of your organisation.

It is the first port of call for prospective clients and customers, and like it or not, is often what people use to judge an organisation. Despite this, many organisations don’t take the time to ensure they have a strategy in place for their website – something which guides content, structure and layout, and the “look and feel”.

Without these guidelines, a website can quickly lose direction and it will become clear that the focus is not on the end user.

Take a look at your website objectively, as if you were an outsider.

Some questions to consider that will help guide your website strategy include:

  • What are your website’s primary functions? Is the website meant  to provide information, conduct transactions, or offer specific  services?
  • Who are the target audience groups? Who would find the content relevant?
  • Considering the audience, is the content easy to read and understand? Is it lengthy, too complex or using convoluted language?
  • Does the website’s layout make it easy to find relevant information?
  • How are visual cues used to direct users around the website?

Remembering who your website is targeting is the key. That way you can ensure your website is making the right first impression.