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You’ve joined LinkedIn… so now what?

by Amanda Robson

So, you’ve made the digital leap onto LinkedIn. You’ve filled out your profile, updated your experience and added quite a few connections. Now what?

With more Australians than ever joining the online professional networking platform, LinkedIn is proving to be much more than just an electronic CV archive.Whether you’re a student starting out in the industry or a seasoned executive new to social media, here at four simple ways to use your profile to engage.

Curate content – If you’re staring at the screen wondering what kind of update to share, why not start with an article relevant to your industry or those of your contacts? LinkedIn Today can be a good source, but chances are you’re already stumbling across great pieces every day. Not only will sharing them on LinkedIn  help populate your profile, it will also demonstrate you’ve got your finger on the pulse and could help point one of your contacts to some valuable info.

  1. Share the love – Like an update on your newsfeed? Don’t be shy to use that Facebook-esque ‘like’ button on personal posts, company updates or group discussions. Doing so will flag you to the poster and his or her connections. The update will also appear on your personal profile and further demonstrate the depth of your interests and relationships.
  2. Flag chances to engage offline – Check your calendar for the next few months and it’s likely you will be attending (or even presenting at) some kind of industry networking event or conference. It could be that some of your connections will be attending too, so why not let them know you’ll be there.  Not only does this flag the chance to engage offline, it shows that you’re active in the businesses community and open to making new connections.
  3. Join a group – There are thousands of groups on LinkedIn representing a wide spectrum of industries, professions and business topics. With this in mind, engaging through groups can seem quite overwhelming. Start by joining one or two – perhaps those linked to relevant member associations or that a number of your connections belong to – and see what kinds of discussions are happening. When you’re ready to speak up, look for questions where you could provide some helpful input.